After working for 20 years as a reporter and editor for newspapers around the country, Linda joined a small financial publisher as managing editor. At about the same time, the Internet began to grow into the World Wide Web. Linda launched a Web site and developed it as time allowed over the next six months. Now the World Wide Web is the core of's business.  Linda was vice president and editor-in-chief of when she left in 2000.  She subsequently produced websites for the Christian Broadcasting Network . She is currently building websites using OpenCart and WordPress. Sites produced under the umbrella of SaeSolved:: LLC include Church of Our Savior,  Derin Değişim: and High Street Studios. She and her husband continue maintenance where needed.


My emphasis as a journalist is on creating well-researched content presented as engagingly as possible. This means constant attention to clarity and grammatic precision, awareness of my audience and the goals of my employer.


I have created content for a wide variety of formats, including newspapers, magazines and the Web. This includes salaried work as a writer, editor, and bureau chief, and more recently Web site production, now on a freelance basis.


I can zero in on the unique nature of each assignment, some as unruly as a new Web site, others as singular as a product press release. I have built Web sites with WordPress and Open Cart and continue to maintain these sites.